The Boa 20 is a sniper rifle and a main gun. It has been designed to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees (C). It also holds the world record for long distance sniping. The BWM is labeled as the "one-hit kill" sniper its the most powerful gun in the game with 100% damage. Like most sniper rifles you can only scope to aim.

Type Sniper Rifle
POW 100%
RoF 4%
ACC 100%
Recoil 100%
Mobility 40%
Mag. 25
Base Value Main/Sniper


  • POW- 100%
  • RoF - 4%
  • ACC - 100%
  • Recoil - 100%
  • Moblility- 40%
  • Mag - 25


  • 41,000 Force Points


  • This sniper rifle was the first weapon to ever have 100% damage.
  • The Boa 20 was used to be called "BWM" until the weapon name changes came.

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